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Cacao for Kids - A very healthy alternative to chocolate that kids absolutely love!

No longer do you need to feel guilty about giving your kids chocolate…sound too good to be true??

The truth is if you make the right choice when it comes to selecting Cacao over Cocoa/Coco you are 100% on track to fuelling your children with a nutritional superfood packed with goodness.

Kids and parents alike are going crazy for Tribal Moon Cacao, a new healthy alternative to “off the shelf” chocolate. Parents are huge fans as they now have a super healthy chocolate option for their kids, with no one being any the wiser that they are not indulging in processed sugar or artificially modified junk food. The reviews from the kids have been incredible. “Tribal Moon Cacao is my new favourite treat at school, I love when mummy packs it in my lunch box” - Johnny Reed (age 7, QLD)

We often hear the question ”can kids eat foods made with Cacao as opposed to Cocoa?”. The answer is Yes, and not only this, it is actually known for improving and enhancing their mind, body, skin, mood, mental wellbeing and so much more.

So what is the difference between pure cold-pressed Tribal Moon Cacao and off the shelf Coco/Cocoa?

Coco or Cocoa is a highly modified powder used as a major ingredient in chocolate, cakes, biscuits, treats, etc., that most of our children love to indulge in. Unfortunately, these nutritiously depleted treats are filled full of sugar and easily accessible at your supermarket. However the good news is, now we have an incredible alternative that tastes way better than chocolate… yes we went there, but it’s true!!!

Pure Tribal Moon Cacao (often referred to as Ceremonial Grade Cacao) is not only a healthy alternative to chocolate, it is actually a superfood jam-packed with hundreds of health benefits, benefits that have been known throughout history, proven to be documented right back to the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

It’s health benefits cannot be denied with tens of thousands of medical reports, documents and articles from leading health magazines documenting pure Cacao’s incredible health benefits.

Tribal Moon Cacao is very high in catechins which are great for protecting your child’s skin from sun damage. The phenylethylamine in Tribal Moon Cacao sends messages to your child’s brain to release feel-good endorphins (the happy endorphins), which is why they (and we) often crave it when they are feeling tired or needing a little boost of energy or emotion.

There are over 1200 active ingredients in Tribal Moon Cacao, and it is now common knowledge that Ceremonial Grade Cacao is known for improving circulation, blood pressure, and preventing white blood cells clogging up artery walls. It is also known to help guard against cardiovascular disease by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Other major health benefits for kids and adults include:

  • Teeth enamel is known to harden with Theobromine. Research has shown that cacao is more effective than fluoride for cavity prevention as it is packed with Theobromine. While most parents fear that chocolate causes tooth decay and cavities, Cacao ensures that tooth decay is combated successfully.

  • Cacao abounds in powerful antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids components which play a pivotal role in maintaining good health.

  • Coughs and colds - Cacao has a component called theobromine, which helps in reducing coughs and colds and are known to be more effective when compared to over the counter cough suppressants. Two cups of cacao during this time is a common alternative to sufficiently assisting with coughs and colds without any harmful side effects.

  • Focus and a healthy brain - Cacao has active ingredients which help in bettering brain functions and cognitive abilities in kids. Children who eat/drink Cacao (often made into a hot chocolate with an alternative to milk such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, etc.), have better problem-solving abilities and analytical skills and are often calmer and focused. They are able to learn things in a faster and in more coherent and settled manner.

  • Stress and Overwhelm - Cacao helps in keeping cortisol (the stress hormone) under control with the active range of antioxidants that are present in this incredible superfood.

You can easily make raw and organic versions of brownies, chocolate balls, muesli bars, cookies, ice creams and so much more with this incredible Cacao, which is fastly becoming the world's most popular treats for kids.

For Tribal Moon Cacao™Recipes see

Order yourself some organic Tribal Moon Cacao today, it comes with free happiness, health, joy and abundance. Head to our website

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