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Raw Cacao Icecream


1.) 250ml Almond milk

2.) 60g =0.4c Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao

3.) 100ml =Coconut nectar or organic honey

4.) 100ml = Coconut oil, melted

5.) 3 Bananas

6.) A few leaves of Fresh mint or chocolate mint


1.) Prepare the ice cream mass like a smoothie just leaving it thicker.

2.) Blend almond milk, Tribal Moon Ceremonial Cacao, coconut nectar, bananas and mint leaves (chocolate mint if available) very smooth in a blender.

3.) Add melted coconut oil into the mixture as a stream to avoid clumping.

4.) Pour the mixture into a glass dish with a lid or a plastic container. You can also use 2-4 small dished to make ready portions so that you can take only one portion out at a time.

5.)Place in the freezer and wait until frozen enough (you can mix every now and then) or leave in the freezer for later use.

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