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A percentage of every sale also goes back to reforestation in Peru, as well as supporting all the other environmental groups that Tribal Moon Cacao proudly work alongside. 


Tribal Moon Cacao is Criollo Cacao grown in Northern Peru. It is farmed in an area that is known for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest grade cacao ever known to be gifted to humankind.


Cacao is known as an incredibly sacred plant, the spiritual energy of our cacao and the bean it comes from, are created, cultivated, loved and appreciated with an abundance of positive energy fuelled with gratitude, joy and celebration for cacao and all the healing and medicinal properties this superfood brings.


Our Sacred Cacao Medicine is kept in it’s most purest of form from the moment it is planted, right until it is delivered to your door. No additives, no preservatives, no temperature modification.


Long before Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao created, the intention was set to create the strongest, smoothest, most ridiculously tasty and affordable Ceremonial Grade Cacao available. Coupled with an intention to create a new paradigm of business, a paradigm fueled by love, supporting and giving back to others, deeply contributing to this divine planet earth, its oceans, it’s animals and all of their divinity.


Now, many years later, Tribal Moon Cacao has become an iconic name in the spiritual and healing community around the world known as the finest and highest quality Cacao available on the market today, used by ceremonialists, chefs, yogis and Mums, Dads and kids worldwide.
Full of antioxidants, energy-boosting, great for exercise recovery, mental health, fighting dis-ease, aphrodisiac, elevates mood, a great source of Iron, a healthy alternative to Coffee, unbelievably tasty and so much more.


As our Cacao is known for being stronger than other brands of Cacao, so we recommend to take it slow as you learn what dosages etc work best for you. Generally, the cleaner the diet the more profound the experience will be.


Tribal Moon Cacao is now available in both 200g, 610g and 1.22kg quantities. A single ceremonial serving is 40 to 45grams, and a "happy days" serving is between 15g and 25g. 


Many years of ceremony, research and energetics went into creating Tribal Moon Cacao and we are blessed that this Shamanic Grade plant medicine has been receiving so many incredible reviews from individuals who have been using Cacao for years.


"Over the past 10 years I have been running Cacao Ceremonies around the world and used cacao from all the commonly known cacao companies, literally nothing comes close to the flavour, texture and strength of Tribal Moon Cacao, absolutely blown away" Grace Winton - USA


"I have been using this divine plant medicine for years and this is by far the most incredible Cacao I have ever ever had" Michael Mitchell - Sydney, AUSTRALIA


"Such a deep and profound journey every time" Sally Withers - Toronto, CANADA


"The smell alone before you even open the packaging will take you on a journey, one bag is never enough, yum!!" - Jacinta Howe - HAWAII



Cacao has been used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine dating back to 1900BC, documented as being used by the ancient ancestors of the Olmec people from Central America. Later it was believed to have been used as a ritualistic medicine by the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

The effect of Ceremonial Grade Cacao is known for generating somewhat of a gentle expansive feeling, assisting with deeper connection, unlocking spiritual channels, releasing negative emotions and opening the heart chakra.


People are often confused about what pure cacao actually is (as opposed to off the shelf style coco, cocoa, cacao or chocolate). Almost all popular brands of chocolate and cocoa are missing many of the 1200 active components that we find in ceremonial grade cacao, and even the slightly purer blends of chocolate are still missing around 80% of these ingredients. Processing, preparation temperature, ingredients, and hybridisation all contribute to this.


Many of the vitamins and minerals found in Ceremonial Grade Cacao are produced naturally in the human body and perform essential functions, although these days external factors such as pursuing busy lifestyles and following a western diet can heavily diminish these ingredients in our natural state. The intake of Ceremonial Grade Cacao is often considered to allow somewhat of a reset to connect with our natural state of being.


This is the same Cacao we use at our award-winning Sacred Cacao Sound Journey experiences around the world.


Welcome new tribe and a heartfelt thank you to all the warriors of love who have journeyed with us thus far. We are honoured you have landed on our page.

200g Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Chocolate Cacao

SKU: 1
  • Tribal Moon Cacao is now available in both 200g and 610g quantities. A single ceremonial serving is 40 grams, and a "happy days" serving is between 15g and 20g. Cacao has a shelf life of 20 months from delivery. 

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