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Are you feeling the calling? Like the answers are right there, but you can't quite work it out?


Feeling like you are so close to actually doing "IT" and creating your career and relationships exactly as you wish them to be?


Do you feel the call to step up and finally do what you were born to do in this lifetime? To find and create your authentic truth and dreams, beyond past experiences, conditioning, and the stories that you have been taught through your very unique journey in this lifetime.


Is your heart saying now is the time, but your mind saying I'm not sure where to begin and how to create what my heart is craving?


Are you feeling that deep calling to create your new business, lifestyle, relationship, community, events, website, work ethic, etc? And are you feeling that this would all be possible if you just had more clarity, support, and specific direction on how this would look?


It is possible that everything has happened in your life in divine alignment for you to get to this exact point, to read these exact words right now, to feel this fire in your heart, to choose to honour yourself and your truth and most authentic representation of self.


YOU are fully supported.


How do I know this with such confidence and authenticity?  


Because every single time someone connects with me and begins these journeys, the results are ALWAYS very uniquely the same.


We kick ass, and create a seriously inspiring heartfelt direction, super clear and non-overwhelming plan with plenty of support.


We create magic, and a very abundant successful independent new paradigm of financial freedom whilst our heart and soul brim with excitement, love and drive. Creating a clear path to life-changing and fulfilling work that ripples and inspires ourselves on the daily as well as so many others along the journey.


If any part of you is a full "yes" or tingling with excitement right now,  please get in touch. 


Other things to feel into that may or may not be relevant...


Are you happy with your relationship with yourself and/or your beloved?


Are you attracting the kind of energy and people into your life that you truly desire?


Do you love your job and are you balancing work and play exactly as you wish it to be?


These sessions are %100 tailored to each person and directed by what each client is looking to work on.  Things we cover may include business, representation of self, career, love and fear. relationships, past stories and beliefs and so much more. 


This program includes 4 x 30 minutes sessions. This includes 4 x 30 minute one on one sessions online with Jay Hoad.


Once you confirm a time with Jay, that is your time slot for as long as you like and you are able to renew if you would like to be ongoing. Jay always tries to do his very best to be flexible with shifting times and dates around as needed, but please give him as much notice as possible if you need to move a session time or anything as we will give your usual spot to someone on the waitlist if we can.


And with regard to cancellation, 24 or 48 hours notice before a lesson is very much appreciated, again so we can fill your spot with someone on the waitlist.


If any of this resonates with you, please email for a free 15 min consultation. 




My name is Jay Hoad and I am a Business, Intimacy and Energetics Coach. I have an elite team of incredible humans who assist me on my mission, so I am able to focus on slingshotting people into their truth, often beyond words in the beginning, but by tuning into the heart, go to the core of the soul to speak the truth.


I believe that if one is able to create a safe and trustable space to be fully heard and seen, to be vulnerable enough beyond the mind, ego, and story, the truth on if the decisions and stories relating to self, love, relating, career and all and any stories in between come down to love or fear. I am a warrior of love and I am not here to fuck around, I am here %110 for you right now. 


I specialize in teaching people about energetics and understanding the energy beneath the words in a safe and trustable container.


I have been blessed to assist many people in choosing to create a new life for themselves, new careers, new paradigms, and new practices that have given them an abundance of fulfillment, self-worth, and the courage to consistently do the work, let go of old stories and stories that no longer serve, honor themselves and the people they care about more deeply and more authentically.   



Jay Hoad is an Intimacy and Energetics Coach for Individuals and Couples, Teacher, Musician, Ceremonialist, Public Figure and founder of Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao, The Empowered Goddess Collective, Earth Music International, and Tantric Earth Holistic's.


He has studied, performed, and taught throughout 42 countries, performing and teaching at many of the biggest music festivals and spiritual festivals around the world with his award-winning music, intimacy and energetics work, sound healing and Sacred Cacao Sound Journey experiences.


Bachelor in Jazz, Bachelor in Contemporary Music, Diploma in Music Therapy & Sound Healing, Diploma in Contemporary Music, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Studied with Eliyah Tantra School, studied and taught at Shiva Tattva Yoga School INDIA, Essence of Life Tantra School INDIA and is a Hemp, Health and Opportunity Business Partner.

4 x 30 min - Inspire Session with Jay Hoad - By Appointment Only

$475.00 Regular Price
$333.00Sale Price
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