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Sound Healing - 4 Week Course

A deep dive into this powerful modality with internationally acclaimed sound healer Jay Hoad.

  • Ended
  • 229 Australian dollars
  • 4 Week Online Course

Service Description

Sound healing is an incredible modality of healing. This course covers so much content about why frequency, harmony and rhythms are so powerful in assisting to move and manipulate energy, as well as how to construct and shape powerful compositions with confidence, ease and grace. Learn about frequencies corresponding to the following: PHYSICAL BODY - Body parts and Emotions etc SPIRITUAL BODY - Chakra systems, sub-conscious, conscious and superconscious NATURAL BODY - Earth and space frequencies And so much more. No matter where you are in your musical journey… this course is perfect for a beginner who doesn't play an instrument or has any sound healing experience or is a well-educated and experienced musician or sound healer. Say, Jay “There is a big difference between a sound healer that understands all or any of the principles in this course and one that does not. Although a sound healer who knows nothing about sound healing and all of a sudden feels a calling to start doing sound healings may still have profound results as a sound healer, the knowledge I share in this course is a complete game changer. Imagine understanding how to assist people by really understanding how frequencies, intervals and rhythms specifically relate to energy and their ability to move energy; it is extremely powerful. There is a reason why a sound can make you feel happy or sad or enhance anger, power, release, and so much more. Want to know the reasons? Then this course is for you." This course will ignite your heart, music, art, creative flow and belief in what may be possible with sound and your unique gifts as a healer and a sound healer. Teacher and professional songwriter/musician and sound healer Jay Hoad has devoted much of his life to studying, writing, and performing music, as well as studying sound healing, composition and improvisation with some of the most knowledgeable and leading-edge sound healers on the planet. COURSE INCLUDES: *4 x 60-minute live online interactive sessions (once a week for 4 weeks) with Jay Hoad, including Q and A, to ask anything you need to help you along your learning journey. *First viewing of Jay's brand new Sound Healing Book. *All live online sessions are on ZOOM and recorded, so if you miss a lesson or prefer to do it in your own time, you can watch whenever you like.

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